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Case Study: India

Chapter I: Social Finance in Bharat

Chapter II: A Skilled Bharat

(i) How to analyze Skill Gap?

(ii) Skill Gap Existence in the Industry

(iii) Case Study: National Skill Development Corporation

(iv) Need for social finance for upskilling

Chapter III Social Finance for Skill Development

(i) Role of Digital Education

(ii) Recruitment Screening Infrastructure

(iii) Microcredits for Upskilling

(iv) Understanding Beneficiaries in Consumer Bharat

(v) Credit Reporting Practices

Chapter IV State of Investments

(i) A bit about the legal frameworks of financial institutions

(ii) Capital Investments in the Micro-Finance Industry

(iii) Technology Investments and Digital Alliances for Social Finance

Chapter V Decentralized Social Finance

(i) From a centralised to a self-governing civilisation

(ii) Blockchains; framework for decentralised information organisation

(iii) Case Study: Bitcoin: Blockchain's Trusted Front

Chapter VI Artificial Intelligence for Social Finance

(i) Open Banking and Open Finance

(ii) Challenges of Financial Institutions

(iii) Aspirations of Financial Institutions

(iv) AI with an indestructible Trust

(v) Case Study: Open Source Finscale AI

Chapter VII Change and Innovation

(i) Case Study: Aadhar Enabled Payments

(ii) Case Study: Human Relationships through the lens of AI

(iii) Case Study:  Skill Certification Registry

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