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Publishing and Release Guidelines

For releasing Open Research:

Call for Research on a specific Topic is issued by any of the constitutional bodies of Open Constitution.

Read more detailed Research Guidelines of drafting an abstract documentation, in response to the Call for Open Research.

Step 0: Respond to the "Call for Open Research" by submitting an Abstract on the subject.

Participate in appropriate forums of the Foundation.

Step 1: Add the article draft to the Open Research portal or onto a simple GDoc file to release the draft of research and content.

You can use following mediums:

Open Constitution Confluence Powered by Atlassian.

Step 2: Engage with members for peer reviews, share the draft with members in appropriate forums: Project Forums.

Step 3: Propose an appropriate Council or Committee(generally Project C.W.C) member to peer review the Article Draft.

Generally, Call for Research mentions the editor body for the research exercise.

Please ensure the focus and manner of research should comply with the Open Research guidelines.

Step 4: Council or a Committee member provides an editorial review.

Step 5: Based on the editorial review, if the draft is ready, the editor will publish it.

You are all set, and your article, if received significant community engagement, may also be promoted on Foundation's broadcasting channels.

If you would like to run a public discussion on the published research article, you can create Topics on the Discourse platform of the Foundation.

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