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Gender Cognition Spectrum Index

Gender Cognition Spectrum Index (GCSI) is  a quantum cognition energy conversion measurement scale based on epistemological human cognition scale In other words- a knowledge scale.

Human being is a primate with episodic memory. It is self aware and experiences sentience which is triggered whilst the observer’s brain receives or processes a quantifiable threshold of quantum cognitive energy. 

Individually quantised as a GCSI.

Each individual observer's cognition is characterized by a GCSI.

GCSI is represented with factors such as -

a. Observer's global temporal-spatial awareness

b. Observer’s local temporal-spatial awareness 

c.  Gender cognitive attention and contextual episodic memory 

d. Acquired and triggered gender cognition specific neural patterns


Living a life where less focus or cognitive focus away from the body - refutes biological pairment w.r.t gender identity. Body-mind incongruence brings such a state or has a tendency to enhance observation of the proclivities. 

Body-mind incongruence is a common phenomenon which can happen and happens all the time in any human’s lived experience throughout their life span.

Types of GCSI:



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